About us

What is Forty-Eight Review?

Forty-Eight Review is an online literary magazine that strives to feature the works of Asian writers of all ages around the world. We believe in the power of words and its ability to bring people together, aiming to increase Asian representation in media. Our mission is to celebrate Asia’s diversity through literature. Following our belief that everybody should be able to see themselves as the hero of their own story, we are strong advocates for diversity in fiction and other forms of media. 

Who do we publish?

Our magazine features and supports Asian writers. Not all works of writing must be non-fiction – we welcome any genre!

Submission Guidelines

See submissions for deadlines and to learn how to submit your work. Young writers are especially encouraged to submit their work. Our magazine is published every two months with six new pieces included in each issue.

Previous issues

Check out our fourth issue here!

Fun fact: There are forty-eight countries in Asia!